Ideal Photo Look Templates
Ideal Photo Look Templates
Ideal Photo Look Templates

Ideal Photo Look Templates

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Ideal Photo Look Templates for Lightroom

10 ideal photo look templates

  • 4 minimalist templates
  • 3 traditional templates
  • 3 modern templates

Quick start process

1) Import your templates into Lightroom

2) Drag and drop your favorite images into the template

3) Export your ideal photo look

4) Open your ideal photo look every time you edit and edit for the exact exposure, contrast, temperature and coloring that you're envisioning.

Get consistent with your photo edits 

  • Know exactly what coloring you're going for every time you edit
  • Put your photo vision in one central place
  • Compare every Lightroom edit to your Ideal Photo Look
  • Use your ideal photo look to get consistent edits across the board
  • Not sure if the image feels too dark? Compare it to the images in your ideal photo look

    Digital download

    Instant access to 10 Ideal Photo Look Templates for the Desktop version of Lightroom. After you purchase, you'll get an email with a download link and a tutorial. I'll show you my computer screen and how to get these in Lightroom so you can start editing with a Ideal Photo Look today.

    *This product is for use with the Desktop version of Lightroom